About La Epione

La Epione was founded due to a desire to bring better products to the market place. We have done our research and realized that there are many beauty secrets that are just not available to the general public. It was only reserved for the few who have access mainly due to price and marketing. We aim to change that. We want to make use of social media to get the word out. We have products that really work!

Our first product is a leg cream - Tired leg Relief. It relaxes the muscles really well. Ever felt those leg muscles feeling really hot at the end of the day? Ever felt those muscles feeling sore? And one of the best benefit of this cream is that it reduces those unsightly veins. Let us share our product with you to help you with such issues.

The second product is our Anti-aging Body Glow from our Gold series. It is made of caviar which is a really good anti-aging agent. Applying it in on a daily basis will give your skin the youthfulness that you truly deserve.

Do note that we are only selling in Singapore for the moment. We feel that these products are going to be in demand as our population ages.